The Legend Returns: 2013 Pontiac Firebird

2013 Pontiac Firebird
THE NEW BANDIT!!! - 2013 Pontiac Firebird 

Calling all Firebird lovers... We almost had a new 2013 Pontiac Firebird. Of course with the introduction of the new Camaro, it stands to reason that Detroit could also bring back the Firebird for 2013. Historically, Camaro and Firebird have always shared the same car body. So I guess it all boils down to what sort of attitude you were looking for from your GM pony car. Camaro- practical style, Firebird- outspoken style.

However; now that Pontiac is no more, there will be no 2013 Pontiac Firebird. This is a sad turn of events. Pontiac made some very nice looking cars over the years. You do still have options, though. A couple of places in the U.S. can give you an aftermarket body makeover on your new Camaro to look like a Firebird. There seems to be two versions of this cool new car though. There is the body style based on the "Bandit" model, like shown here. (Maybe a Smokey and the Bandit update?) There is also a body style inspired by the 1970 model Firebird. Which one is available to you and me? Personally I prefer the one based on the 1970 Firebird. Your SEO optimized title page contents